ElMag Advanced Corrosion Control

ElMag is particularly suited to water-cooled stern tube systems, but is it limited to that?

In terms of corrosion protection, it is not limited to water-cooled stern tubes. It can be applied to metallic structures submerged in water such as to protect steel piles of jetties, wharves, and sheet piles of cofferdams.

Are there particular vessel types, sizes or propulsion trains that ElMag is suited to? Is it suitable for retrofit?

There is no restriction to particular types, sizes or propulsion trains for ElMag’s application. It is certainly suitable for retrofits.

How is ElMag is effective in areas inaccessible to conventional cathodic protection. What areas are these?

Metallic surfaces are usually protected by a layer of coating. However, such coating is not perfect wherein should there be any break / gap in the coating, corrosion will occur / propagate. Conventional corrosion protection systems protect only the surface will not be able to adequately address these areas. However, the ULF waves generated from ElMag on the other hand is able to do so.

ElMag is not affected by interference current. Could you please explain this?

ElMag utilises the Ultra-Low Frequency wave which is unaffected by AC current generated by another equipment.

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