SembSOx Exhaust Gas Cleaning System

Does SembSOx EGCS comply with IMO MARPOL Annex VI?

Yes. SembSOx system complies with MEPC 259(68) Guidelines for Exhaust Gas Cleaning System Scheme B.

Differences between SembSOx System and other EGCSs?

Tower Design – Use of spiral nozzles without packing,smaller footprint / slimmer.

Closed Loop System – zero wash water discharge, no bleed off.

Hybrid – 2 different alkali depending on the vessel operation profile.

What is the design backpressure and operating temperature of the tower?

Towers are designed to max. 150 mm WG at 300°C.

Can the SembSOx tower replace the silencer?

Yes, offering noise attenuation of 25dB(A). Usually an inline scrubber tower that replaces the silencer is taller and wider than a typical silencer.

Is dry-run possible?

Yes.The nozzles have a larger aperture than conventional nozzle banks.The adjacent GRE pipes to the scrubber body will be protected by isolating valves and sealing air. Wash down of the demister is recommended prior to scrubber operation.

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